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Personal Trainer Megan Brubaker Megan Brubaker, CSCS

Megan Brubaker, CSCS

Megan Brubaker, head trainer and owner of the Training Loft, holds four NCCA accredited training certifications and has experience working with a diverse client base. The passion she has for health and fitness stems from the years spent as a competitive gymnast. She quickly learned how commitment, dedication, and discipline can positively impact one’s life. Her facination with fitness combined with her background in business marketing, eventually led to the opening of the Training Loft.

Megan strives to help others achieve their individual health and fitness goals through customized personal training programs. “Fitness is not one-dimensional. It has to be challenging, yet fun and enjoyable. Programs need to have balance and speak to the unique needs of each client.”

She continues to pursue her education and is currently enrolled in the University of Alabama’s Distance Dietetics Program. She also hopes to complete her Masters in Exercise Science in the very near future.


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