Recovery Sessions

Whole Body Vibration:

Vibration training stimulates a rapid, reflexive muscle response. This response occurs through our proprioceptors [the body’s position sensors] up to 60 times per second while on the Vibeplate!

-Circulation of blood and lymphatic fluid
-Neuromuscular activation
-Vertical vibration
-Deep tissue massage, which relieves stress and promotes the release of beneficial hormones that help build muscles

Featured Users of VIBEPLATE:
Ohio State University-University of Alabama-Seattle Seahawks-USC- University of Texas-University of Michigan-University of Florida-Detroit Tigers-Boston Celtics- Kansas City Royals-Indianapolis Colts-Chicago White Sox-Arizona Cardinals ….Many More

Infrared Sauna:

Why is infrared heat better than traditional saunas?
Traditional saunas use steam to heat up the air in order to make you sweat. Infrared Sauna Therapy heats up your body directly The heat is able to penetrate deeper into your body, right to the bones, tissue and muscles, therefore ensuring a much better detoxification session. This radiant heat not only makes you sweat, it also offers other benefits like better blood circulation, better blood pressure, better skin and overall, better health.

Is Infrared Therapy safe?
Most definitely. Infrared heat is the same as sunlight and it’s all around us. It is not the same as heat produced by microwaves.

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